In my line of work I am almost always asked, “how did you end up here?” Or some form there of, of this question. My answer isn’t always the same everyday, and sometimes I struggle to tell my story properly. However, if I had to name a single constant it would be for my passion of divng.

My Story

by | Dec 2, 2017

My story starts with my relationship with water. My love for it began the day I was born. I may not remember it myself, but I’ve heard the story a million times over. Especially because my parents constantly remind me that the only thing that would stop my crying was the rush of water over my skin.

From pools to the ocean

As I grew it wasn’t long before my Papa began taking me to the pool. I was swimming before I could walk, and the next thing I knew I was diving. The day I took my first breaths underwater will be a day I will never forget. Just me and grandpa in a pool, a tank strapped to my back and me breathing underwater. It was only a year later when I became a certified junior diver. And I was SO in love.

My certification dive was a 60ft plunge in cold water (52 dgrees farenheit) in Powell River Canada. Our secondary objective being to see the Emerald Princess, a 9ft bronze statue of a mermaid. What a sight she was too behold. Looking into those entrancing siren eyes I knew that SCUBA ignited a passion in my heart. Unfortunately, being a 14 year old growing up in Northern Saskatchewan in a lower middle class family was not entirely conducive to being a full-time diver.

It wasn’t until my 16th birthday that I dove again. My lovely Papa promised me a SCUBA trip for my sweet sweet birthday. I was all in, and so I found myself in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica, and it was so so sweet. Little did I know at the time that the little fishing town would become a personal migration spot in the years to come.

Then came the numbing forgetfulness of adolescent poverty

As I grew older, and years went by, I started to forget how much I loved diving. Living on the prairies in the center of the continent eventually started to make me feel like a starfish in low tide. I started to crave the ocean, the sound of crashing waves and the smell of the salt air. Eventually I saved up enough money to visit my snowbird grandparents in Playa del Coco. My first time back in the water was absolute bliss.

And social brainwashing

All of a sudden those 4 years seemed really long, I began questioning the decisions I had been making, if the career path I was taking was what I wanted to do with my life. Did I really want to spend thousands of dollars on an education in a field that I was not 100% in love with.

and finally, my story begins again, but with enlightenment

As soon as realized that the answer was a resounding no I began to change. Not only my path but my way of thinking, my attitude, everything. Now, another 6 years down my new path, I am an Open Water SCUBA Instructor and absolutely loving life. I now spend much of my time in this ‘no longer so little’ fishing village called Playa Del Coco. Welcoming people into my world and showing them the beauty of the mysterious life that lives below the surface.


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