Logbook Entry #2 White Tip Reef Sharks Everywhere!

Log Book

Here in Guanacaste Costa Rica we have a grouping of islands called the Catalinas, or the Cats, for short. These islands host a great number of cleaning stations and so are a great place to see the gigantic Manta ray. It is also home to a lot of white tip reef sharks.

While out there we dove 3 tanks at 3 different sites, and each dive was wonderful. On the 1hr boat ride out we ran into a couple if whales who sang to us, and a pair of mating turtles!

The wall

The wall is one of the two most popular dive sites in the Cats and also our first dive site. One if the main features of this dive site is that it contains many channels where the sharks like to hang out. There is one channel in particular that we don’t often get to enter due to conditions. However we were able to go in today!

During our dive we came across many schools of fish and over 8 individual sharks. Like I said, sharks everywhere. This included a baby white tip of about 2ft. He’s super cute and one of my favorite shark pictures I’ve ever taken is of this baby shark!


Also known as rainbow in English is a dive site loved by many local guides. The reason why is simple: sharks!!  Sharks everywhere! In Arcoiris we came around the corner into the main shark bed and came upon around 12 white tips! The sharks calmly swam around waiting for us to move on so they could settle back down into their beds. To their dismay we stuck around for a few extra minutes, and even doubled back later, to enjoy their beauty.  I don’t think they minded too much but I’m sure they are glad when we got out of their space.

Near the end of the dive a large school of grunts came to play with us for a few minutes before we needed to surface. Grunts are always a fun treat as they will allow some people to swim in their schools. Then, after surfacing, we ate fresh made sandwiches put together by Bobbie Jo!

Button Hole

For some reason every time we introduce this dive site people think we call it butt hole. It usually gives us a giggle. On this dive we didn’t see any sharks but we did find, lobsters an eagle ray and a large turtle. If i had to guess the turtle was a black pacific due to its size and coloring.

Many colorful fish danced about us the whole dive giving splashes of yellows, blues, and purples to the already captivating surroundings. Then, just before it was time to surface one of our divers spotted a pile of lead dive weights. Lead is a bad pollutant when left in the ocean and is also useful for diving so we were taking it all up! When we get to the surface we counted about 20lbs of weights, woo whoo! Talk about a score! It made for the cherry on top of an already great day!

Luxury Diving with Sharks Everywhere

Okay, so I can’t guarantee there will be sharks everywhere but I can almost make sure you definitely see one. If you are interested in diving with Bobbie Jo and I, we can make that happen! I offer luxury dive tours through Bobbie Jo’s company Sirena’s Diving. If you book through me it costs you no extra, but does help me out! Plus, you get to dive with me as your personal guide!

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  1. Dia Darling

    Sharks are so beautiful from afar lol I really am just fascinated with all ocean life.

  2. Mum mum Ma

    This is such an amazing post but I am sure experiencing it live would have been even more fun. I wish I could do this soon 😊

  3. WhyToStop

    That’s an interesting post.. 😊

  4. Elizabeth O

    Wow this must have been so incredible to experience. I think I would be terrified but I think sharks have a bad rep when they are probably more scared of us!

    • seareinascall

      Yep this is very true. Sharks aren’t what the media portrays them as there are 3 species of 440 known species only 3 are considered aggressive. Great whites, tigers, and bulls. i also dive with bullsharks on a regular basis. Every shop here in Coco has been doing diving with bulls for over 20 years and there has never been an incident.

  5. Jenn

    This is so cool, diving closely with the sharks. Definitely one of my bucketlists.

  6. Geraline Batarra

    Wow, it is so nice to see these pretty sea creatures and I hope I can swim with them in the future. Thanks for sharing your great underwater experience.

  7. Reese Woods

    My dad visited Costa Rica several years ago and couldn’t stop raving about it when he got back! I’ve always wanted to make a trip to visit it myself someday!

    • seareinascall

      It is a super gorgeous country and there are a million and one things to do/see here! Especially for those who love nature

  8. Preet

    What a fun and great experience you had. It looks so scary. Guanacaste Costa Rica is such a great place to visit.

  9. Tosha Ornelas

    That’s awesome that u can dive with sharks…takes guts. I’m scared to even go barely in ocean water! But beautiful pics.

    • seareinascall

      Sharks aren’t so scary id be more worried about wolves, bears or even coyotes than sharks. In fact sharks kill less then 10 people a year. And of those deaths less than one per year is due to ‘man eating’ most are because of in proper care or delayed care of a bite

  10. Holly Lasha

    Oh how fun…it looks like you had a blast. This is definitely a place worth visiting.

    • seareinascall

      Yes we had tons of fun! I was doing my shark dance the whole dive!

  11. Catherine Santiago Jose

    I am not a diver but I would love have this kind of underwater adventure, it looks like a lot of fun swimming together with a different sea creatures. I hope I can do that someday, once I am ready!

    • seareinascall

      If theres water and a dive shop you can dive! Though i highly recommend ocean diving over most lake diving

  12. Emma Riley

    Swimming with the fishes definitely a great underwater adventure to me but sadly I am not a good diver but I hope soon I will also do that and encounter other sea creatures.

    • seareinascall

      Practice makes perfect! Thanks and if you are having serious troubles you can always ask for help from any instructor/divemaster including myself!

  13. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Yikes!! Sharks scare the crap out of me! Better you than me doing this dive lol!

    • seareinascall

      Lol i promise that sharks aren’t at all what the media portrays them as. To give you an idea, we had a diver that was bleeding during the first two dives. He had bumped into the reef on both dives and cut himself. The sharks didnt react in any way. This is because we aren’t on the menu and to them humans are gross.

  14. Nancie

    This looks like a fantastic dive. I would love to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

    • seareinascall

      Arcoiris was especially special that day!

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