Entry #1: A New Diver in the family!

Log Book

This Week turned out a beautiful set of dives, a new diver and some great new photos. It started back in December 2017 when I did a DSD for a family member. He was a natural in the water and was lucky enough to see a manta on his first dive. Who the hell gets that lucky!! I was a little jealous even. On his recent return to the country he decided that Scuba Diving was going to be a new hobby and we got in touch.

The course went very smooth, and it didn’t take us long to get through the pool sessions. It was here that I saw very quickly that my student was gonna make a great new diver. Next, off to the ocean we went to complete the course! We enjoyed 3 days diving out of Playa Hermosa. Two for the course and one extra day of fun diving. Over 6 dives we visited 5 different sites and saw a whole bunch of awesome critters! I even got to dive with my Grandfather who joined us for dive days 1 and 3.

Dive Day 1: The Ocean

We started off the course at a local dive site called monkey head. As usual, the site was loaded with fish and rays! The colours there are so brilliant and with all the different species of fish it is difficult to decide were to look. We were often visited by eagle rays soaring past or gently gliding past  to take a better look at us. The water was warm and clear and the current very mild. After the dive we visited a local white sand beach for our surface interval.

For our second dive we dropped down into Merows, a personal favourite. This dive site is not used by too many dive centers, and it boggles my mind. The site is a bit a shallow reaching a max depth of 40ft but not all dives need to be deep. While swimming about we found 2 seahorses, 5 frogfish, a number of eels octopus and other reef dwellers.

Dive Day 2: We have a new diver!

On day two we decided to dive Virador first. This dive site, like monkey head, has a large population of fish. It’s also great for rays of all kinds, turtles and sometimes sharks. We didn’t see any sharks on this dive  but we did see a big ol’Greenback turtle. the thing was huge, and quite majestic as he sat there posing for the camera. He even let my student get in on his photo shoot before he decided he’d had enough. Through out the rest of the dive we saw a number of rays as well.

Once again we returned to Merows for our second dive. However, this time to switch things up we went looking for a wreck. This dive site once has an old sail boat at 60ft that many turtles call home. The only problem is that it was destroyed by a shrimper who was trolling illegally. Since then no one likes to visit the wreck, even though the turtles haven’t left. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the boat as the visibility dropped as we headed deeper. Despite not finding the wreck the we had a great dive and saw many more seahorses and frogfish. Not to mention that after the dive my student was a Certified Diver!! WHOOP WHOOP!


Day 3: The Fun dive

Our fist dive we dove at Tortuga. Tortuga is a local favourite and home to many white tip reef sharks. My student had told me he was a bit afraid of sharks, so we decided it was time for him to face his fears. As a new diver I couldn’t let him go home fearing sharks! On this dive we visited a pair of resident clown shrimp, a baby white tip and eventually Rusty II (an old wrecked fishing boat) where we fsaw a second white tip (a large female). On the dive my student got to see 2 sharks, and after we surfaced he decided that maybe they weren’t so bad. In fact, he told me he wished they’d gotten closer!

On the second dive we decided to go to another personal favourite, Corridas. This dive site is home to many species of ray and is usually a bed of nudibranchs and seahorses. On the dive we found a number of stingrays including one that was over a meter wide which is huge! And though we didn’t find any seahorses we did find 2 more frogfish and a tiny nudibranch!


An Awesome Week

I couldn’t have asked for a better week! The diving was awesome the company was great and I got to spend time with family! Plus, I got to see seahorses and frogfish, two of my favorite little creatures. No to mention we have a new diver in the family! My favorite part of this week though is when we student said “I wish the shark had come closer.” So many people have a misunderstanding of these animals it is feels so amazing when I can help them over come that. Sharks have become so endangered due to shark finning that changing even one persons mind about sharks makes a difference.

Wanna Learn too?

If you want to learn to dive I have got a step by step by step guide on how to get started. The guide will help you decide on how to get started and which course option is best for you. Or, if you want to learn with me you can check out my services page, or even go ahead and contact me directly.

Ranelle Ivens


Ranelle’s addiction to SCUBA started in 2004. From a young age she has been fascinated by the ocean and the creatures living within it. Her Ultimate dive dream is to swim with Orcas and to dive the world. Ranelle is a certified PADI Specialty Instructor and spent 3 years in university studying Science and Biology.

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  1. Hayley

    This looks like it was so much fun! I’ve been wanting to try diving for a while now – hopefully I’ll get to soon!

    • seareinascall

      It is tons of fun! And very relaxing too!

  2. Corina

    To be honest i am absolutely terrified by the undewater world, i went diving a couple of time (not out of my own will :)) It was so damn scary but I must say that it way beautiful at the same time. I didn’t go as deep as you guys by far though…still, all the scariness aside it is an amazing experience and the pics you took rock!

    • seareinascall

      Im so proud that you went even though you were scared! Facing your fears isn’t always easy but im glad you saw the beauty of the underwater world <3 also thanks for the compliment!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Learning to dive is not age-limited, right? So I guess it is not too late for me to learn. It would be awesome to see all those things going on down there on the sea floor.

    • seareinascall

      Nope my grandfather is 76 and hes still diving! Its never to late to learn something new

  4. Emman Damian

    I never liked diving and swimming but I might try it. I love to see the underwater world and it looks really nice to see it in person.

    • seareinascall

      I would highly recommend it! Even if you try it just once. There is a one day mini program for people who don’t want/or aren’t sure if they want to get certified 🙂

  5. Lisa Rios

    You guys dive?! That is amazing! And cool! I wish I could dive.

    • seareinascall

      Darn straight i do! And if you wanna try go and do it! It isnt as hard as you might think

  6. Wendy Polisi

    I need to go get scuba certified. I would have so much fun with it.

    • seareinascall

      Thats the way! Uh huh uh huh!
      If you ever need advice or help finding a shop I can help 🙂

  7. Erica

    I would love to see underneath the ocean and go scuba diving. However, I’m not fond of sharks and I’m not a great swimmer.

    • seareinascall

      Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a great swimmer to dive! You’re fins do all the work. And as for the sharks, they really aren’t as bad as you think… the media makes them out to be monsters but really they don’t have a whole lot of interest in us. Unprovoked shark attacks while scuba diving are almost unheard of.

  8. twinspirational

    We are scuba certified too! We were certified in Hawaii.

    • seareinascall

      Thats so awesome! What did you think of your course!?

  9. Lyosha Varezhkina

    I love ocean! it looks so beautiful! I dive just once in my life but it left a big mark on my heart and mind. I wish I could do that again!

    • seareinascall

      Yes its so life changing <3 and if you want to do it again you should! Especially if you travel a lot!! Everywhere offers a different experience diving

  10. Karla

    I’ve always wanted to do scuba diving but afraid to try it I’m not a good swimmer and easily freak out when I touch a corals. I hope I could do it one day!

    • seareinascall

      You actually don’t need to be a strong swimmer to be good at diving. There aren’t many instances were you need to swim fast usually you are going very slow so you can see everything. And its a very good thing you don’t like touching corals!! They are sensitive and fragile so you shouldn’t touch, which is why i. The course you learn all about buoyancy control. So that you can float midwater effortlessly and not worry about touching anything.

  11. Elizabeth O

    What stunning photos these are. I bet it is such a great experience to dive into the ocean and see all the wonderful things.

    • seareinascall

      Every time I get in the water I never know what I’m going to see that day, it makes for an exciting adventure, always.

  12. Geraline Batarra

    Those are really a very stunning photos. I always wanted to learn new things in my life and that includes diving and I hope I can become a certified diver someday!

    • seareinascall

      I love hearing that! Diving is truly amazing and life changing! If you are ever in the area I’d be happy to be your instructor 🙂

  13. Neda

    Truly beautiful photos. Breathtaking. Went diving a couple times in Egypt, and it definitely is a whole other world! 🙂

    • seareinascall

      Wow! Ive always wanted to dive Egypt! Did you do a discovery dive or did you get certified?

  14. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    Congratulations on getting certified! The whole process of getting your license sounds fun and exciting but I’m too scared of the water to even try, haha. 🙂

    • seareinascall

      I’ve taught people scuba who were afraid of the water, in fact many people learn as a way of facing their fears. What about the water scares you?

  15. Christa Anne

    I have always wanted to get certified. I live in the desert, so I don’t have a lot of opportunity. 😀

    • seareinascall

      Oh nooo, that sounds too dry for me! Sounds like you need to take a vacation 😉

  16. Caitlin Delphine

    These photos are stunning! I’ve never really considered diving but it does look like it opens up a totally new way of seeing this planet.

    • seareinascall

      Thanks! Diving is like stepping into another world and it’s infinitely beautiful. And yes, it certainly will change the way you see the earth!

  17. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    My husband just said to me the other day – you should get your scuba license. Mind you, I am terrified of water and a pretty crappy swimmer. But who knows, maybe one day!

    • seareinascall

      I have had students that were afraid of the water AND sharks. Now they are planning a trip to the Galápagos! If you are serious about getting your cert do it with someone you know/trust. It really helped my student to be able to hold hands during the dives.

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