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As a PADI Certified SCUBA instructor I can teach new the divers as well as the experienced ones. I also offer a variety of specialty courses

Guide Your Dives

If you are looking for a knowledgable dive master I can guide your dives, and give you all kinds of information on local creatures

Give Information

The go to for questions related to SCUBA! I can also help you find accomodations, and other local attractions during your visit!

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Logbook Entry #2 White Tip Reef Sharks Everywhere!

A few days ago my dear friend Bobbie Jo called me up to see if I could help her out with a trip to the Catalinas. My immediate reaction was ‘hell yeah!’ Not only is this lovely lady on of my favorite dive buddies for 11 years, but the Catalinas are gorgeous!

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What you don’t know about Seahorses

Did you know that seahorses have a crazy mad but beautiful mating ritual? What about that when giving birth seahorses defy all gender norms? The seahorse is also a super deadly animal believe it or not, but also very fragile! This animal is one of the most fascinating creatures I have come across.

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Entry #1: A New Diver in the family!

      This Week turned out a beautiful set of dives, a new diver and some great new photos. It started back in December 2017 when I did a DSD for a family member. He was a natural in the water and was lucky enough to see a manta on his first dive. Who the hell gets...

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Shark Finning, Where We’re At

Shark finning has been an on going practice for hundreds of years, dating back to the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century. However, it has, in the last 70 years, gotten way out of hand. The shark fin trade hit its peak in the year 2000 and has been declining slowly since then. The biggest problem with the practice is that sharks, a key component to the

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How to be a buoyancy master using 4 simple methods

One of the most important and most useful skills in SCUBA diving is neutral buoyancy. It can also be the most difficult to overcome, and often takes dives and dives of practice. However, once you get the hang of it, diving becomes so much more enjoyable.

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